Being a Digital Nomad: Tips, Tricks and Places

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Thanks for coming here, you sexy beast. I genuinely appreciate it.

In this book, I’ve gathered all my knowledge, experience, lessons and fuck-ups from 6 years of being a ‘digital nomad’ (yeah, I hate that term too, cos it makes us sound like a bunch of pretentious bell-ends. Which, to be fair, some of us are).

If you're new to digital nomadding (is that a word?) or digital nomaddery (that definitely isn't a word), you're probably a bit lost.

You don't know where you might want to live. Or how to live there. Or whether you need a visa. Or how to make friends in the scary sprawl of a brand-new city. Or how to stay productive while you travel. Or how to find an apartment. Or whether this lifestyle really is for you. Or... I'm sure you get the idea.

So in this book, I've covered it all.

You get 13 chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Pros and Cons of Being a Digital Nomad (and a Few Harsh Truths): some surprising stuff, some not-so-surprising stuff. Don't know whether or not this lifestyle is for you? You will soon.
  • Chapter 2: The Best Nations For Digital Nomads: I’ve covered my favorite countries for digital nomads... along with pros, cons, visa options, and who will (and won't!) like living in each one.
  • Chapter 3: Visa Options: I’ve covered when you will need visas, when you won't need visas, which countries offer digital nomad visas, and how visa-free schemes can make your life MUCH easier. And because these things change all the time, I've given you some resources for checking the most up-to-date information.
  • Chapter 4: Tips for Being Productive as a Digital Nomad: if you think you’ll spend all your hours lazing about on the beach, you better think again. Sadly, no matter where you are, you still need to work. So I’ve covered 7 hacks for how you can effectively balance fun with work, and not end up hating yourself.
  • Chapter 5: Jobs You Can Do—and How You Can Keep Doing Them: don't know which job you might want to do? Or how to get started with remote working? Or the resources you can use to pick up paid work? Not for much longer!
  • Chapter 6: How to Find a Good Place to Live: because you’ll be hopping around pretty regularly, one of your biggest challenges is finding a good place to live. So I’ve given you tips, tricks and hacks to make that much easier.
  • Chapter 7: How to Choose a City or Town: with unlimited choice comes unlimited stress—and choosing a location is often surprisingly stressful. In this chapter, I've covered the things you'll want to think about when you’re choosing a new location. Spoiler alert: as a newbie, you'll probably overlook most of them.
  • Chapter 8: How to Save Money as a Digital Nomad: you can (of course!) use this lifestyle to save a big fat bucketload of money. But the lifestyle comes with unexpected expenses, and lots of people end up accidentally splurging.
  • Chapter 9: How to Make Friends as a Digital Nomad: when you’re jumping around a lot, making friends can be a little difficult—but not when you know how. 
  • Chapter 10: Tax: yuck. In this horrendously-boring and admittedly-brief chapter, I’ve covered how tax can work when you have no permanent home. Be warned: this is different for everyone, so information is pretty thin here. Woops.
  • Chapter 11: How I Became a Digital Nomad: another short chapter. I’ve very briefly covered my personal story, so you can see how this advice is all very actionable (and surprisingly easy to implement).
  • Chapter 12: 30 Resources You Can Use Right Now: I think this is the most helpful part of the book. But what do I know, I'm only the man who spent endless hours writing it. This chapter includes 30 websites that’ll save you money, help you to be happier, and make your life WAY easier.
  • Chapter 13: How You Can Talk to Me: when you get to the end of this book, you might want to know more. You also might not want to know more, because I am admittedly pretty annoying. Anyway, this section covers how we can talk further.

And that's it!

In short, this book will clear up a lot of your questions, it'll solve a lot of your problems, and it'll make you realise whether (or not!) this lifestyle is for you.


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Oh, and before you go, here's what people are saying about the book...

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Being a Digital Nomad: Tips, Tricks and Places

26 ratings
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